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The NDC Process

All countries must submit a climate plan, called the ‘nationally determined contribution’ (NDC), to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Paris Agreement is part of the UNFCCC. The mandate for preparation of the NDC comes from the Paris Agreement.

Since the climate plan is ‘nationally determined’, there’s a lot of flexibility in how countries can approach NDC planning. Our intention is to help community stakeholders participate in that process.

To get started, learn the status of your country’s submission to the UNFCCC. Work with others to develop a shared understanding of what actions should be prioritized in the land sector. We also share information about NDCs as medium- and long-term national development plans.


This section suggests tools for groups to develop their own vision for a high-ambition NDC. CLARA members can add their experiences and tools that have been used for ‘visioning’ purposes in different settings. CLARA proposes a basic checklist of necessary NDC elements:

  • use of ‘rights-based approaches’
  • meaningful consultations with indigenous peoples, civil society, and vulnerable groups
  • secure land rights for local communities and indigenous peoples as a climate solution
  • support to farmers for adapting to climate change and building resilience at landscape levels
  • a commitment to zero deforestation, and to conservation and restoration of natural forests
  • additional national commitments based on climate finance that serves community needs

This section briefly reviews literature pertaining to the use of the NDC frame for national planning purposes, with an emphasis on agriculture, forests, and coastlines.


This section will provide links to at least two databases that indicate the status of different NDCs.

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